The Dixon Municipal Band has been a staple of Dixon summers and parades for over 85 years and is recognized as one of the best summer bands in the area.


People from surrounding communities have come for many years to enjoy the music along the riverfront and to see the band in the local parades.


The objective of the Dixon Municipal Band is to provide a venue that promotes the musical development of the musicians in the band (from high school to 99 years of age) and to provide a positive listening experience for members of the audience.


The Dixon Municipal Band is asking for your support by becoming a band sponsor. We offer several levels of sponsorship that are designed to not only support the band but to provide your business exposure on different advertising platforms.


The City of Dixon, like many governmental entities is experiencing financial tightening of the belt. One of the tough choices being made by the City is to no longer fund the Band as fully as in the past and they are currently considering not funding the band at all after next year.


Our goal is to become more self-sufficient in order to provide a fully programmed summer season without relying on City funding.


Your contribution will make a difference! Please consider helping the Dixon Municipal Band remain an important part of the Dixon community by becoming a sponsor of the Band. Checks may be mailed to:

The Dixon Municipal Band

c/o City of Dixon 

121 W 2nd St.

Dixon, IL. 61021.


If you need further information, please call Nancy Burnett, Cathy James, band manager at (815) 499-9426. 

DMB Sponsor Form.jpeg

Our 2021 Face Book Campaign raised over $1300. Thanks to all who donated.


Kristin Andrews - Honorable Mention

Emily Ann - Honorable Mention

Anthony Barnhart - Honorable Mention

Kimberly Bowman - Honorable Mention

Peggy Sue Snyder Casey - Honorable Mention

Guy Chouinard - Bronze

Laura Connolly - Friend

Patricia Jones Crumley - Honorable Mention

Deb Donaho - Friend

Nell Eakle - Friend

Will Engel - Friend

Rich Fowler -  Friend

Priscilla Fuger - Friend

Jacob Harrison - Friend

Jerad Harrison - Friend

Sime'on T-Bone Hubbard - Friend

Lisa P Kennedy - Friend

Carter Kenney - Honorable Mention

Cathy James - Bronze

Marilyn Lillibridge - Honorable Mention

Janet Lynch - Honorable Mention

Gabbi McKanna - Honorable Mention

Dan Monnier - Friend

Jake Nelson - Honorable Mention 

Matthew Pace - Honorable Mention

Joan Padilla - Friend

Anna M Powel - Honorable Mention

Ann Taylor - Friend

Stephanie Price Terranova - Friend

Jason U'Ren - Honorable Mention

Geoff Vanderlin - Friend

Tom Whitcombe - Honorable Mention

Concert Donations 2021

7/6 $308

7/8 $125

7/15 $115

7/22 $114

7/30 $60

8/5   $90

8/12 $169

Fiscal Year Fundraising Efforts 2019-2020     

Thanks to...

anonymous donations at concerts

proceeds from bake sale

proceeds from cook out

anonymous donations at cook out

CD sales at concerts

DHS Theater Boosters

Kaleel's Clothing

Petunia Festival Beer Tent tips


Total $2,615.88