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The Easiest Way to Support the Dixon Municipal Band

Come to our concerts! Of course financial support is important, but if no one comes to the

concerts does the money matter? Who goes to band concerts anymore?

1) Friends and relatives of the musicians on stage. Mom, Dad, Grandma & Grandpa, brothers, sisters, cousins, girlfriends, boyfriends.

2) Former & current musicians who value concert band music, appreciate and value the time the musicians on stage have put into their craft.

3) Families that enjoy being together, enjoy music, and appreciate the FREE admission price.

4) Our mature audience members who remember the days of concerts in the park, nature settings, young children, and warm summer days.

5) Provides an outlet for musicians in the community to continue to play and stay in their communities. Attracts people to move into the community, buy homes and raise families.

A show of support by attending our concerts demonstrates that they are desired by a section of the community, just as sporting events, movies, theatre, and art. A well rounded community has something to offer everyone.

Why do you attend concerts? What improvements can be made?

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