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The Dixon Municipal Band needs your support!

The city of Dixon stopped levying tax for the Dixon Municipal Band somewhere around 2014 according to Mayor Liandro Arellano Jr. The tax began in 1931 after the citizens of Dixon voted for the levy by ballot. (See the Illinois statute here under Municipalities (65 ILCS 5/)

We now only have enough funds leftover for two partial seasons and it appears that the majority of the city council have no interest in continuing to fund the band once the remaining monies are gone.

Please see our home and history pages. We have been around since the 1800s and are an inherent part of the history of Dixon, IL. We are asking you to contact the mayor or a council member to express how important the band is for the community. All we are asking for is $20,000 a year to maintain the band. We will plan fundraising activities and seek sponsors to supplement the rest of our budget. When the tax levy was in place, our budget was around $76,000 a year. We have already made tremendous cuts and sacrifices. In comparison, the city is giving the Dixon Theatre $200,000 and the Dixon Park District $700,000 this year.

Mayor and Council contact information below, or go to the contact page on the city web site.

Liandro Arellano Jr Mayor 815-288-3576

Mike Venier Council 815-288-3760

Dennis Considine Council 815-288-4023

Ryan Marshall Council 815-288-4152

Mary Oros Council 815-288-1485

Annual Patriotic Concert Keep the tradition

Memorial Day Parade

Free concerts in Page Park - this selection during our Halloween in July concert

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Dixon Municipal Band

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